April 12, 2009

Speech and Language Development Workshop

Recreation to Therapy: Creating Speech and Language Activities for All Ages at Home
25 April 2009, 8.30am - 3.30pm

Normally by the age of two, words like “mama” or “papa” comes across quite naturally for most children, and by the age of three, a child is able to participate in a simple conversation. However, for some children (those with a learning disability), sometimes this does not develop automatically and only sounds or gibberish seems to be about the only thing that they utter. These children have to be taught how to communicate. How then do we teach/help these children? How can we help support our children at home? How can we create activities and still encourage language development?


Some basic knowledge in the area of speech and language development is required.


Participants will:

• Become aware of what they (caregivers/teachers) need to bring to the activity themselves – identify what their role to play is

• Obtain vital information to consider if they would like to ensure carry over at home.

• Gain an insight on how any activity can be presented, expanded, elaborated upon and modified to adapt to all ages – also depending on speech therapy focus.

• Gain an insight on how to use everyday lifestyle activities to gain the same end results as stated above.

The speaker:

Jennifer Eileen Peters obtained her B.A. (Hons) in Linguistics and Language Pathology from the University of Reading, United Kingdom, her Certificate to Practice from the Royal College of Speech –Language Therapists, London and her Post-graduate Diploma in the Language and Communication Impairment in Children from The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. A Paediatric and Speech & Language Pathologist for the last seventeen years, she has also successfully completed several postgraduate assessment courses offered by ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) and from Speech Pathology Australia.

Jennifer is a Member of the Malaysian Autism Advisory Panel (MAAC) and is a Charter member of MASH (Malaysian Association of Speech-Language Hearing. She also headed the Chairmanship for the Education & Training for the Society of the Severely Mentally Handicapped, Selangor and Federal Territory for several years. Jennifer is Malaysia’s first RDI® Programme Certified Consultant. RDI®, Relationship Development Intervention is a remediation programme specifically targeting the autistic client group.


Venue: Tower 2, Room 3, Level 9, Dato N.A. Kularajah Centre of Excellence, Wisma MCIS Zurich, Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Fee: Public: RM 130, Parents of children at NASOM centres: RM100


Contact NASOM (National Autism Society of Malaysia) at 603-7710-4098 or email secretariat @ nasom.com.my.

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