May 7, 2009

Workshop: "My Child Does Not Know How to Play!"

Saturday, 23 May 2009, 9am – 12pm

Play is something that comes so naturally to children. Yet, sadly, not all children know how to play. Special children more often than not have to be taught how to play. Something that most parents take so lightly takes a serious step in the life of a special child. Why is play so important? Unknown to many, when a child plays, many skill sets such as cognitive skills, motor skills and communication skills are heightened and developed. Not forgetting the fact that when parents play with their child, the element of bonding is further developed. During this talk, the speaker will share her experiences and findings on the importance of play for development, especially in a special child.

Topics covered:

• Understanding play

• How do you play

• Age appropriate play

• Place appropriate play

• Why is play so important
- Cognitive skills
- Motor skills
- Communication skills
- Bonding

• Research supporting play
- Gymboree – success story
- Kindergartens/Enrichment centres

• Why don’t our children play?

• Materials for play
- Toys – choices and function
- Make your own toys

• Playing for real life

The speaker:

Anna Wong is a mother of two children. Up till the year 2000, like any other mother, Anna was working in the corporate world. When she discovered that her elder child is a special child, Anna left the working world and focused her time and effort in bringing up her special child. Subsequently, Anna teamed up with another parent and started a company which provides products and services for special children. From her own experience and being exposed to special children made her realise that play is very important but seriously lacking in a child’s day-to-day activities. Since then, she has also begun to advocate play as part of the essential skills training especially for special children.


Venue: Tower 2, Room 3, Level 9, Dato N.A. Kularajah Centre of Excellence, Wisma MCIS Zurich, Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Fee: Public: RM30, Parents of children at NASOM centres: RM20

Registration deadline: May 15, 2009

Contact: NASOM (National Autism Society of Malaysia)
Tel: 603-7710-4098
Email: secretariat @

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