November 6, 2009

Arnold Klein is a Stinking Liar!

Harvey Levin and Arnold Klein
Earlier, I had questioned why Michael Jackson's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, took it upon himself to diagnose and prescribe medications for Michael's psychiatric problem (anxiety) when he is not a psychiatrist.

I was delighted when Harvey Levin, managing editor of TMZ, picked up on my post and put this question to Dr. Klein himself. Ha! I should like to see him squirm his way out of that!

Arnie's reply? "I'm not just a dermatologist, I'm also an internist."

An internist is defined as "a doctor who specialises in the nonsurgical treatment of the internal organs of the body." Uh, since when is the mind an "internal organ"? I guess this is what you get when a dermatologist tries to play psychiatrist!

At any rate, I've been told that all MDs have carte blanche to prescribe any medication they like, including psychiatric medications, even if they're not a psychiatrist. IMO, Dr. Arnold Klein has abused this loophole, along with all the other Dr. Feelgoods who pander to the rich and famous, but particularly the rich. Who makes the law anyway, that allows this to happen?

Update, May 2011: The video that I posted earlier has been removed. Bah! Anyway, if I recall correctly, Harvey continued to probe Arnie about giving Michael anti-anxiety medication, which Dr. Klein blithely brushed off with, "Oh, that was only once."


According to body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass, Arnold Klein is a serial liar: Michael Jackson’s Dr. Arnold Klein Shows Signals of Deception When He Talks About Michael Peeing Publicly.

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