May 12, 2010

Andrew Wakefield's new book: Callous Disregard

Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The Truth Behind a Tragedy

By Andrew Wakefield, Foreword by Jenny McCarthy

Andrew Wakefield reveals the the inside story of the vaccine-autism connection, and his controversial research. As Andrew Wakefield states in his prologue, “If autism does not affect your family now, it will. If something does not change—and change soon—this is almost a mathematical certainty. This book affects you also. It is not a parochial look at a trivial medical spat in the United Kingdom, but dispatches from the battlefront in a major confrontation—a struggle against compromise in medicine, corruption of science, and a real and present threat to children in the interests of policy and profit. It is a story of how ‘the system’ deals with dissent among its doctors and scientists.”

In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Wakefield lost his job in London’s Royal Free Hospital, his country of birth, his career, and his medical license. A recent General Medical Council ruling stated that he was “dishonest, irresponsible and showed callous disregard for the distress and pain of children.” Maligned by the medical establishment and mainstream media, Wakefield endeavors to set the record straight in Callous Disregard. While explaining what really happened, he calls out the organizations and individuals that are acting not for the sake of children affected by autism, but in their own self-interests.

What the critics say:

"Dr. Wakefield sets the record straight. It was not he who showed callous disregard towards vulnerable, sick children with autism. It was the British medical establishment, the General Medical Council, the media and the pharmaceutical industry that threw the children under the bus to protect the vaccine program. This is a book for everyone who cares about our future."
Mary Holland, Esq., Co-founder, Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy

"Andrew Wakefield has been subjected to extraordinary criticism and condemnation from professional colleagues and the wider community since he first questioned the safety of the MMR vaccine. In this book he answers his critics—powerfully and comprehensively—and sets the record straight. It is essential reading for anyone wanting to know the truth behind the MMR debate and the politics of vaccination policy."
Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of "The Truth about Vaccines"

More info at the book's website.

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  1. It would be more correct to state that Wakefield was fired from his job at the Royal Free hospital because he refused to carry out further research on his claims, with a proper number of children and adequate controls, and his employer offered all the funding and support he could have needed. After his refusal, and after he refused to have biopsy specimens blindly tested by other laboratories, he was ejected.

  2. Andrew Wakefield is a con artist of almost galactic proportions. He set this entire "controversy" up for his own profit, and he has literally made millions from it. The man should be in jail, not publishing books.