August 11, 2010

Using EEGs to diagnose developmental disorders

Dr. Aditi Shankardass, a clinical neuroscientist at the Bright Minds Institute has pioneered the use of EEGs in diagnosing developmental disorders like autism, learning disabilities, mental retardation, ADHD, etc. This is interesting because previously, these disorders were diagnosed by measuring the symptoms of a problem that is neurological in origin. Some disorders, like autism, don't even have a proper measurable scale that can be used for diagnosis. It is only diagnosed based on observation, which is very subjective and makes for a lot of misdiagnoses. So doesn't it make sense that if there is a problem in the brain, you should actually be measuring the function of the brain itself?

I like this. I like this a lot. Why? Because if parents can have a piece of solid, concrete evidence that they can hold in their hands to show that their children really do have a real and organic neurological problem, they can stop blaming their kids for behaving badly.

Watch Dr. Shankardass's TED talk:

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