March 21, 2015

US Supreme Court to Review US Vaccine Court's Criteria

This is momentous news!

Parents in the US whose children have been injured or killed by vaccines canNOT sue the manufacturer for a defective product because Pharma has paid Govt well enough that they are exempted from all liability. Isn't that fantastic! Money can buy you everything! However, you can make a claim from Vaccine Court, which is a separate court system in itself, with its own courtroom, judges, etc. Easier to buy, I suppose, when there are not so many candidates to bribe. The fund from which compensation is paid does not belong to the government either. It comes from a tax levied on each vaccine, which means that other parents whose children survived are paying for your child's damage. Get this - other parents are paying. So neither pharma nor the government feels the pain for damaging your child, therefore they have no incentive whatsoever to make vaccines safe.

It has always been next to impossible to win in vaccine court. It is almost impossible to even file a claim due to the sky-high requirements. There is a very short time within which your child must be proven to be injured, after which it cannot be certain that the injury is due to the vaccine and not to other factors, and you must file your claim within something like two months after the day of the injury. Plus of course you have to find a doctor willing to certify that your child was killed by the vaccine and therefore end his career.

Today, there was a momentous decision by the Supreme Court to review the burden of proof required of parents. "The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether people who suffer harmful vaccine side effects should have an easier time winning compensation from the government. It’s not meeting the needs of people who have legitimate claims because the science is so complex and the burden of proof is high.”

Wowza! This is a good start. Let's see if the Supreme Court is just.

Read full article here:
Vaccine Court’s Tough Standards May Face Supreme Court Test |

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