Once upon a time, I was shipped off to a land far, far away.

Some people held me down and shoved some books and papers down my throat, then gave me a piece of paper saying that they had shoved some books and papers down my throat.

A few books and papers got stuck inside but the rest went down the toilet. The ones that got stuck allowed me to understand a few words of Latin and pursue my interest in science.

I now ingest books and papers of my own choosing. No shoving by someone else took place, thus no paper was issued to prove that shoving occurred.

I have no letters before or after my name.

I wore a white coat once, which made me realise that any Tom, Dick or Sally can wear a white coat, so I absolutely do not worship any Toms, Dicks or Sallies wearing white coats.

I am a geek of all trades and master of none.

I work as a full-time janitor at the Reban Ayam.

I live in Bolehland.